About Us

We’re a fractional chief sustainability officer (CSO) service that helps businesses address sustainability-related challenges and capitalize on opportunities. You benefit from the expertise of a seasoned sustainability professional without the cost of a full-time executive. Your CSO is a full member of your team, representing your company to customers, communities, governments, investors, employees, and civil society.

We are embedded in your leadership team to assess your business’s current practices, identify opportunities, develop your sustainability strategy, and implement designed practices into your company’s operations. You will have the appropriate level of policies, procedures, and internal controls you’ll need to operate an environmentally and socially sustainable company that can stay on course in any type of political environment.

Our CSOs are supported by a team of subject matter specialists who can be incorporated into your fractional sustainability office (SO) as needed. Often the issues that lead a business to embark on a sustainability journey are not the ones that drive future financial performance. This may lead to companies hiring for specific skillsets that are no longer fit for purpose. A fractional SO enables you to evolve your sustainability team over time without costly and demoralizing personnel changes.

With CSO Partner, you get a team of professionals who together stay on top of the most current sustainability-related trends, requirements, and opportunities. Our team’s biweekly briefings enable us to address common challenges and collaboratively develop solutions within the confines of specific confidentiality agreements. We conduct monthly Quality Assurance and Quality Control reviews on your SO contract to ensure we’re delivering to the highest performance standards.

The world is changing. We’ll help you adapt and thrive.

Contact Us:info@csopartner.com