Our collaborative hub of fractional CSOs fosters a dynamic exchange of insights, best practices, and cutting-edge research. We stay at the forefront of industry initiatives, academic research, and technological innovations. Our collective expertise allows us to offer unparalleled support to our clients, helping you not only respond to market demands but also shape the market itself.

Our CSOs can work with you 8 – 24 hours per week. The actual days we work as a member of your team, however, are flexible to ensure we can respond as your CSO to the varied stakeholder requests and initiatives as determined in our service delivery agreement with you. We work within your internal IT systems.

When we first meet, we’ll scope out your business requirements and match you to the appropriate CSO + specialist(s) depending on your needs and desired budget.

Our minimum contract length is six months. For project-specific support, please see a list of our partner companies.

What a fractional sustainability office provides

Core Capabilities

Strategic Planning: We collaborate with leadership to develop a sustainability strategy aligned with the company’s values, goals, and industry best practices.

Risk Management: We identify and mitigate environmental and social risks that may impact the organization’s reputation, regulatory compliance, or operational efficiency.

Stakeholder Engagement: We help you build relationships with key stakeholders, including customers, investors, employees, and communities, to foster transparency and communication on sustainability initiatives.

Metrics and Reporting: We establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and implement measurement systems to track, report, and audit the organization’s progress toward environmental (e.g., GHG reduction targets, conservation, climate resilience), social (e.g., human rights protections and due diligence) and governance (e.g., DEI, anti-corruption) goals.

Regulatory Compliance: We help you stay abreast of evolving environmental and social laws and regulations, ensuring the organization remains compliant and can proactively address changes in legislation.

Employee Education: We implement educational programs to raise awareness and build a culture of sustainability within the organization, empowering employees to contribute to the company’s sustainability objectives.

Employee Wellness: We help employees develop integrative lifestyles by connecting their health with seasonal and healthful eating, cuisine, craft, culture, and nature to achieve sustainable, optimal, and autonomous health and wellbeing.

Thought leadership: We actively shape and influence the discourse on sustainable business practices by contributing to industry dialogues, sharing innovative insights, and inspiring others to add value to the world within which we operate.

Story-telling: We help companies develop holistic creative strategies that cultivate customer centric brand transformation.


Cost-Effective: Companies can access top-tier sustainability expertise without the financial commitment of a full-time executive and Sustainability Office.

Flexible: The fractional CSO adapts to the organization’s needs, scaling their involvement based on changing needs or strategic directions.

Specialized Knowledge: Bringing in a fractional CSO and, where desired, Sustainability Office specialists allows the organization to tap into specialized knowledge and experience in sustainable business practices.

Objective Perspective: External sustainability experts can provide a fresh and unbiased perspective, offering insights that internal stakeholders might overlook.

Access to Networks and Resources: We bring a wealth of connections, including industry initiatives and academic institutions, providing access to a broader range of resources and collaborative opportunities.

Adaptability: With expertise in the many dynamic aspects of sustainability – from technological advancements to shifting societal expectations – we can help you quickly adapt to your changing operating environment to maintain or improve your market position.

Why hire a fractional CSO?

A fractional CSO service provides an effective way for companies to strengthen environmentally and socially responsible operations, discover opportunities for product and process innovation that can lead to new and expanded revenue generating opportunities, and achieve long-term strategic goals in a cost-effective manner.