Meet our CSOs-in-Residence

With experience in policy, process and procedure design, as well as design effectiveness audits and controls, your Sustainability Office (SO)  will provide ongoing support in implementing sustainability initiatives, monitoring progress, and identifying cost-saving opportunities. You will reduce energy and resource consumption, minimize waste, and more importantly, discover opportunities for product and process innovation that can lead to new and expanded revenue generating opportunities.

Susan McGeachie

Susan McGeachie

Sectors: Metals & Mining, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail
Experience & Skills: Public and investor relations, climate and sustainability strategy, economic midelling, GHG accounting, decarbonization, climate risk assessments and management, EHS policies and procedures, internal audit
Susan has 25 years of experience identifying, evaluating, and managing ESG risks and strategic positioning opportunities. Following her early years in sustainable investment research, she held leadership positions in banking, management consulting, and engineering firms as the Head of the BMO Climate Institute, EY Market Leader of Climate Change and Sustainability Services, and Global Director of the Climate Change practice at Hatch.
Chris Walker

Chris Walker

Sectors: Financial Services, (Re)Insurance, Asset Management, Heavy Industry, Extractives, Higher Education Institutions, Climate Tech, Professional Sports, Government, Not for Profits
Experience & Skills: climate and sustainability strategy, ESG/Impact Investing, decarbonization, climate risk and resilience, carbon markets.
Chris has 20+ years of experience galvanizing action to identify, finance, and drive innovative sustainability solutions. Forte in financial sector sustainability innovation. Extensive climate tech, decarbonization strategies, ESG investing and reporting, and carbon markets experience focused on innovation, education and partnership cultivations.
Peter Howard

Peter Howard

Sectors: Cleantech, Software, Energy, Heavy Industry
Experience & Skills: Carbon and energy measurement and management, policy engagement and development, software development, capital raising
Peter is a senior project manager and cleantech executive, having spent a career helping organizations understand how climate change translates into financial statement risks and opportunities.
Currently, Peter is the founder of Zfolio, a software company focused on measuring and managing financed emissions, where he helped developed the software from scratch, and lead sales and marketing efforts to financial institutions. He is also a business development executive at Pond Technologies, where he oversees both project development and in-house research. He is responsible for a team of scientists and engineers, and has developed projects with ~$10 million in revenue, helped raise ~$20 million for the company, and led fundraising for ~$10 in government grants.
Danielle Comeau

Danielle Comeau

Sectors: Mining, Energy, and Natural Resources
Experience & Skills: Environment, Social & Governance Risk , ESGI Frameworks & Program Design , Public and Stakeholder Consultation, Indigenous collaboration and partnership agreements, materiality assessment, Regulatory Review and Impact Assessment Process , disaster recovery – scenario analysis, program planning and documentation departmental design, planning and measures, governance structure and frameworks , corporate and sustainability reporting , technology adoption, modernization, and integration, project management
Danielle is a globally experienced consultant practicing in areas of sustainability and social impact management.
She takes a special interest in ESGI matters, including Indigenous equity and partnerships, and the importance of building responsible supply chains to de-risking capital infrastructure projects.
With 15+ years of experience, she has held various roles in industry and consulting for the mining, energy, and natural resources sectors, both at the corporate and site levels. She has worked in several regions including Africa, Afghanistan, Europe, Northern Canada, and Ecuador, and has completed 2 expatriate assignments to Kandahar and Northwest Africa.

Meet our specialist advisors

Our CSOs are backed by specialists in each of the key issues facing businesses today. Each team member brings a deep level of expertise in one or more of the following:

  • Evolving climate and sustainability reporting and disclosure landscape
  • Lifecycle analysis (LCA)
  • Cost-benefit assessment modelling, including marginal abatement cost curves
  • GHG accounting and reporting
  • Government and investor
  • Stakeholder consultation and permitting
  • Employee health and wellness, and disability-inclusive organizational design.
Heather Langsner

Heather Langsner

Sectors: Heavy Industry, Financial Services
Experience & Skills: Lifecycle analysis, carbon removal strategies and credits, financial modelling, technical due diligence, funding proposals
Heather has over 20 years of experience in climate finance. Her experience includes advanced modeling and underlying calculations for a climate fintech start up, renewable energy investment due diligence, and technical and sustainability consulting for climate solution start ups as well as governments around the world. Timed with the signing of the Paris Climate Accord in 2016, Heather launched Carbon Zero for Groupe La Française in Paris, the first net zero emissions equity portfolio and, in 2017, her own Carbon Resiliency Technology Impact Fund, which has an average outperformance of 14.6% per year since inception. Previously, she was a buy-side analyst and portfolio manager specializing in the Industrials, Chemicals, Technology, Energy and Renewables/Cleantech Sectors.
Heather holds a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences with a major in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University with a Lifecycle Analysis certification from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Emile Lavergne

Emile Lavergne

Sectors: Financial Services, Software
Experience & Skills: Climate and sustainability reporting frameworks and disclosure standards (ISSB), financed emissions quantification (PCAF), disclosure regulatory environment (OSFI B-15, UK Companies Act, UK Listing Rule), GHG reduction target setting (SBTi), transition plans
Emile brings over seven years of combined experience working across the financial services, environmental non-governmental organization (eNGO) and sustainability consulting spaces, where he has focused on climate and sustainable finance topics. Emile has experience working with asset managers, banks, and energy and utility companies as they progress along their sustainability journey.
Most recently, Emile was a Climate Solutions Lead at Manifest Climate, a climate advisory SaaS startup, where he supported clients, and informed product development. Prior to Manifest Climate, Emile was a Senior Consultant at the Delphi Group, a boutique sustainability consultancy, and within TD Bank’s Corporate Environmental Affairs team. Emile began his career in the sustainability space working for the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s (IISD) Energy Program.
Emile holds a Masters of Global Affairs with a focus on Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University where he double majored in Economics and International Development Studies. Emile speaks fluent English and French and conversational Spanish.
Dr. Cristina Allen

Dr. Cristina Allen

Sectors: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Retail
Experience & Skills: Employee wellness programs, liveable buildings, nature-based product development, multi-media creative story-telling
Dr. Cristina Allen is a Naturopathic Doctor with over a decade of experience, owner of lifestyle medicine brand FIELD GUIDE, and co-founding partner of creative consultancy Home Planet. Dr. Cristina is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, and has completed additional training in paediatrics, pharmaceutical prescribing certifications to prescribe bio-identical hormones, and is one of the few naturopathic doctors in Ontario licensed in Intravenous Therapy and Mesotherapy.
Dr. Cristina has experience working as Chief Product and Culture Officer for one of Ontario’s first independent chain of cannabis dispensaries and with almost ten years of experience consulting, Dr. Cristina has contributed to shaping the new field of cannabis as medicine, retail, and its sustainability.

Alexandra Foty, CFA

Alexandra Foty, CFA

Sectors: Metals & Mining, Energy, Financial Services
Experience & Skills: Investor relations, investment analysis, corporate sustainability strategy, economic modelling, M&A
Alex leverages her background in investment analysis, corporate strategy, and sustainability to offer consulting services to clients in the mining, metals and energy sectors. Alex has held notable roles across Canada and Australia. Most recently, she was an M&A Business Analyst with Newcrest Mining in Melbourne, Australia. Earlier in her career, Alex was a Metals & Mining Equity Research Associate at National Bank Financial and later joined the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board as an Infrastructure & Natural Resources Investment Analyst.

Alex is the founder and CEO of Scope Zero Solutions, which provides consulting services to clients in the mining, metals and energy sectors.. She holds a Bachelor of Mining Engineering from McGill University, is an MBA Candidate at the University of Toronto and is a CFA Charterholder.

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