Dr. Cristina Allen

Sectors: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Retail
Experience: Employee wellness programs, liveable buildings, nature-based product development, multi-media creative story-telling

Dr. Cristina Allen is a Naturopathic Doctor with over a decade of experience, owner of lifestyle medicine brand FIELD GUIDE, and co-founding partner of creative consultancy Home Planet. She is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, and has completed additional training in paediatrics and pharmaceutical prescribing certifications. Dr. Cristina was Chief Product and Culture Officer for one of Ontario’s first independent chains of cannabis dispensaries and over ten years has contributed to shaping the new field of cannabis as medicine, retail, and its sustainability.

Through her diverse experiences, Dr. Cristina co-founded HOME PLANET, a full-service creative consultancy that celebrates new perspectives around inclusive, regenerative, and circular economies by collaborating with brands to develop holistic strategies that cultivate customer centric transformation. She provides workshops and speaks on the impacts of climate change on health, permaculture, seasonal and healthful eating, and foraging wild Ontario.