Dr. Dinah Koehler

Sectors: Financial Services, Healthcare, Chemicals, Packaging, Pulp & Paper, Automotive, Government, Higher Education
Experience: ESG disclosure and data QA, GHG reporting and emissions avoided analysis, Environmental risk assessment and materiality determination, Life Cycle Assessment, Impact Measurement, ESG integration into investment decisions

Dinah Koehler has over 25 years of experience leading corporate environmental programs, developing ESG and impact measurement systems in the public and private sectors and advising international development banks and national governments on sustainability strategy. Trained in environmental risk assessment, she has analyzed and published on the impacts of industrial activity on human health and the environment, including risks related to air pollution, water, toxic chemicals and climate change. While at UBS Asset Management she managed a multi-year project to develop impact measurement methodologies for public equities leveraging life cycle assessment and asset location-level analysis. She has experience with mandated and voluntary ESG reporting frameworks and is deeply familiar with biases and errors in ESG disclosures. Throughout her career Dinah developed award-winning science-based analytic tools to assess corporate sustainability performance, risks and opportunities.

She holds a Science Doctorate in Environmental Science and Risk Assessment from Harvard School of Public Health; a Masters from The Fletcher School at Tufts University.