Lida Preyma

Sectors: Financial Services, General Industry
Experience: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, ethics, global regulatory policy, strategy & risk management, carbon trading

Lida brings over 25 years of experience in Canadian capital markets. Her experience includes transforming and aligning global policy for a major Canadian bank’s capital markets AML programme; developing and implementing a global AML risk management programme; and delivering on strategic initiatives which included co-leading the integration for capital markets of a multibillion-dollar US bank acquisition. She was also managing director of corporate citizenship at Magna International.

Since 2015, Lida has been a member of various B20 Taskforces (anti-corruption, finance & infrastructure, energy transition & climate) and the B20 Women in Business Action Council, providing policy recommendations to the G20 leaders. She regularly speaks at international conferences on gender equality, women’s economic empowerment, and climate finance.

Lida is the founder of Cēlandaire Capital, facilitating capital introduction for corporate climate projects, and co-founder and managing partner of the Global Climate Finance Accelerator, a nonprofit that convenes partnerships across business, finance, government, and academia on strategies, policies, procedures, and tools to finance climate solutions.